May Children's Corner

Hello Boys and Girls

This month of May is all about celebrating "Mother's Day on Sunday May 8, 2022. 

Our Mum's work so hard in caring for our families and this reminds us of Hannah in the Bible found in 1 Samuel Chapters 1:2 - 2:21 who was the Mother of Samuel. Therefore, for the month of May, we have a lovely story about Hannah and her husband Elkanah, and also a Word Search of "Names of Women in the Bible" and a Crossword Puzzle. 

Crossword Answers

Hannah’s Prayer

It is Mother’s Day on May 8th and we should remember to buy a nice card, flowers or a gift to give to show our Mom’s how much we love and appreciate everything they do for us every day. A reminder to not forget to show our love on this special day.

A lady in the Old Testament Book of 1 Samuel wanted a child so much. She had been married a long time but no children had been born to her. She loved God so she went to the House of the Lord in Shiloh with her husband and family members. She went into the Tabernacle to pray that God would give her a child. As she was praying silently the Priest thought she was drunk as she was very upset and deeply troubled. She explained that she was praying for God to grant her a request. He told her to go in peace and may the Lord grant her what she desired.

She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel. She took him to God’s house in Shiloh as a young boy and he grew up to serve the Lord in the Tabernacle with the High Priest. He was very special to God and when he grew to be a man, he became a Judge over Israel and took care of the people when they came into God’s house.

God gave Hannah a further three sons and two daughters and blessed the family.

Hannah prayed to God for her request of a child and we also can pray to God for our needs and fears and also for our family. Say a special prayer for your Mom on Mother’s Day because if we love God like Hannah, He will always listen and answer our prayers because the Bible says – “For nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).